YEEDI is a cutting-edge service robot brand that embraces the concept of "Live Smart. Enjoy Life.” With constant upgrades, pioneering technology solutions are integrated into robotics for an enhanced consumer experience. Thus, consumers can enjoy a modern lifestyle with high standards of quality.

Launched in Shenzhen in 2019, YEEDI has ventured into global markets with its pioneering robotic vacuum cleaners, leveraging its robust global sales network as well as industry resources and capabilities such as electronic manufacturing, product design and artificial intelligence (AI) technologies in Shenzhen.

YEEDI boasts over 2,000 cutting-edge patents in the service robot industry that enhance user experiences across a wide range of sectors, such as intelligent navigation, intelligent cleaning, intelligent interaction, and intelligent hosting, allowing service robots to be seamlessly integrated into homes.

Starting in 2024, the newly revamped YEEDI will offer advanced, human-centric floor cleaning robots specifically for consumers in the United States.