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'yeedi' the mini robotic floor cleaner brand, is small in design, but big in features. We started life in 2020 and have quickly swept up a host of awards. We were nominated by as 2021's best affordable vacuum cleaner. You can try for yourself by shopping online for affordable deals on vacuums direct with us.

Our vac series offers a range of options for modern homeowners who want an easier way to clean their living spaces. From self emptying robot vacuums to hard floor cleaner vacuum mops, down to solutions for a hairy cat with our pet hair vacuum cleaners.


yeedi vac station is one of the best-priced robot vacuum and empty station combos on the market.


The yeedi vac station is a feature-heavy robot vacuum that does a great job cleaning your home and offers intelligent zonal controls.


The base sucks out the contents of the bin completely and I’m very impressed.

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I tested how well it mops on theses red wine stains and I was surprised how it cleaned most of it after a single two pass.

Cordless Vacuum Guide

I liked that the robot seemed to “think” about how to maneuver out of a tight area.

MJ Vanhecker

We were impressed by the modern look and smart functions that it has to offer.

yeedi customer


I was dust mopping twice a day, but now there is no need.


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What's A Robot Vacuum?

Imagine the days of pushing a vacuum around the house, or having to pull leads from room to room. Well, a robot vacuum does the job for you.

Great right? You know it's Saturday and it's time to clean the house. So you fill the kettle, or turn on the percolator to grab yourself a caffeine hit, while the roaming robotic vacuum does the hard yards for you. You can sit down taking a well deserved rest for being smart enough for buying a robot vacuum.