One Use Double Clean
Vacuum and Mop at the Same Time

yeedi vac station is a multi-tasker that vacuums and mops at the same time with 3000Pa strong suction power and a smart mopping system. Leaving your floor twice clean with a single use.

holds up to 30 days of dust
True Automatic Cleaning

Self-sufficient device with self-empty station liberate your hands for 30 days of hassle-free cleaning

Ultrasonic Carpet Sensor
Get Along Well with Your Carpet

Powered by ultrasonic technology, yeedi’s advanced carpet detection sensor smartly identifies your floor type to plan the cleaning method accordingly. It’ll crank suction power and avoid mopping when on the carpet.

The Cleaner with GPS
No Corner of Your Home Goes Untouched

The visual mapping technology works seamlessly with the advanced floor tracking sensor to map out your pace like a GPS. No more haphazard bumping or missing spots.