yeedi Robot Vacuum Cleaner with Mop Solution

    Vacuum and mop with the yeedi robot vacuum cleaner with minimal touch. Use the yeedi app or your voice to get the robot started and let it handle the rest. Add the self-empty station and attend to the third once every 30 days. 

    Why Should You Choose yeedi Robot Vacuum Cleaner?

    Are you bored of attending to the house floor yourself? Yeedi robot vacuum cleaner can handle that for you. More reasons to choose it include: 

    • Excellent suction power 
    • Large dustbin and mop tank capacity 
    • Smart mapping, anti-drop and anti-collision sensors 
    • Carpet detection and turbo mode 
    • Cleaning scheduling via yeedi app 
    • Voice control 
    • Self-empty mechanism 

    How Does yeedi Vacuum and Mop

    This is a robot vacuum cleaner equipped with everything required to clean the floor and carpet. All you need is to command it via Alexa or Google Assistant and let it handle the rest. Depending on the set cleaning mode, it will go around the house in a pattern. 

    The smart mapping, anti-collision and anti-drop sensors help navigate the house floor and carpet. Once it’s done or requires recharging, it will go back to the station. If you have the self-empty station, the robot will empty after cleaning. 

    So, it’s a small machine that can attend to house cleaning tasks while requiring minimal contact from you.