yeedi Robot Vacuum and Mop Home Solution

It now takes your voice and an app to get your house floor clean. Yeedi robot vacuum and mop will scan the floor and pick up all the dirt pieces while requiring minimal intervention. Get the alerts on your smartphone via the yeedi app. 

What does a yeedi 3-in-1 solution mean for you?

You meet all the floor cleaning requirements when you have a yeedi robot vacuum and mop. 

  • Vacuuming: Helps pick up the dirt and pet hair if you have the four-legged animals living with you. 
  • A mopping module: It will clean the hard-to-remove spills while the self-empty station aids in cleaning the robot and taking out the dirt. 
  • Self-empty mechanism: When the yeedi robot vacuum and mop goes back to the station, it will empty all the dirt and recharge. 

For you, there will be minimal interaction with the yeedi since all you need is your voice, Alexa/Google Assistant, and the app for alerts. Taking out the dirt from the station will be done once every month. 

yeedi vac station Main Specifications

Powerful suction at 3000Pa 

Long battery life that gives you up to 200 minutes of cleaning time 

Large water tank capacity holding 240ml 

It contains a mopping module 

Smart sensing helps in navigation 

Anti-drop and anti-collision sensors prevent accidental falls from high places. 

Carpet detection and turbo mode for carpet cleaning 

App scheduling thanks to house map saving. Decide when and where, and how to clean via the app 

Voice control. Use Google Home or Amazon’s Alexa 

Self-empty and cleaning mechanism 

The station holds dirt and debris for up to 30 days.