yeedi Vacuum and Mop Combo Station with Self-Empty Mechanism

    You clean your house without touching anything when the yeedi vacuum and mop combo is around. It’s magic from science that helps yeedi make cleaning great again. Get the yeedi vac station and control the cleaning with the yeedi app. 

    Vacuum and mop combo

    How does the yeedi vacuum and mop combo station work?

    The yeedi vacuum robots will do the cleaning work, including vacuuming and mopping. You need to tell Alexa or Google Assistant to start the robot cleaning vac. You can also use your app to command. 

    Carpet detection helps in not mopping the carpet when cleaning. Vacuum and mop combo helps in cleaning even the hard spills to remove. The vac station empties the dirt and washes the mop once the vacuum robot is done. 

    Vacuum and mopping best practices

    • Remove everything that could make the yeedi robot get stuck while cleaning 
    • Ensure your app and Alexa are connected for easier commands 
    • Use the app to tell yeedi where to vacuum and mop 
    • Enable turbo boost when vacuuming the carpets 
    • Carpet detection helps yeedi to avoid mopping the carpets 
    • Empty the dirty water in the vac station after a short while