yeedi vac 2 pro vs. yeedi vac max: How to choose yeedi robot vacuum?

yeedi vac 2 pro vs. yeedi vac max: How to choose yeedi robot vacuum?

One of the recommendable moves when it comes to cleaning is visiting the yeedi platform for a robot vacuum. They have been making game-changing robotic cleaners, but a variety can get you mixed up. 

Some of the best-performing ones are yeedi Vac 2 Pro and yeedi Vac Max. Their performance is exceptional, but people always wonder which one to go for or which is better. That is why choosing the best one for your home (or office) is challenging. 

Here is information from the labs after vigorous testing. We’ll see which areas each yeedi robot vacuum perfects and which is better based on where it’s going. 

yeedi vac 2 pro vs. yeedi vac max Full Comparison 

The yeedi vac 2 pro 

It’s also the yeedi K950, quite similar to the yeedi Vac Max. We can say that for the looks and some of the features. For the Vac 2 Pro yeedi vacuum, though, slight features separate it from the other sibling. 

The Setup and Configuration 

It will arrive with some charge to help in initial testing. Otherwise, after unpacking, it’s recommendable to charge the robot for about 2-3 hours before making a run. Setting that up is simple since the base station is equipped with an adapter. 

Downloading the yeedi app is also straightforward once you use the QR code on the robot or the instruction manual. It’s worth noting that the robot requires a 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi connection to work. 

If it’s your first time using the app, there are always pointers and guidelines. So, connecting to the robot and with Alexa or Google Assistant is seamless. Configuring with your voice assistant will enable you to issue commands to start cleaning. 

Once you tell yeedi to start cleaning, the first thing it does is scan the house as it vacuums (and mops). That is how you get a map on the app to help you schedule the cleaning better. 

With the map, you are all set to issue specified cleaning patterns. During cleaning, the yeedi Vac 2 Pro has many features that help it amicably clean the house. 

Features at a Glance 

We may not reflect on every feature here since the essence of this blog is to tell you which of the two yeedi vacuum and mop models is better. So, we will highlight how they work while on the floor and the response you get while on the yeedi app on your phone. 


First, we must recognize the Vac 2 Pro’s ability to move the mopping pad. The feature is referred to as the oscillating mopping system. It’s responsible for moving the mopping pad back and forth like how you mop. 

The difference is that it’s five times faster than humans, and that’s how you get better mopping. As the robot moves, there are three modes that you can apply. They include random, edge, and spot. For the first one, the robot moves in straight lines until it covers the whole floor. 

The edge is for the floor edges, and the spot is for precise cleaning, especially if you have a hard-to-clean area with dry spills. You can schedule which rooms to clean based on the grandma-friendly map available on the application. 

This yeedi vacuum is also compatible with the auto-empty dustbin, which you need to buy separately. If you have it, you can forget about the dirt for the next 30 days, thanks to the 2.5-liter dust bag present in the station. 

It also charges the robot as it empties the internal dustbin. 

Obstacle Avoidance 

The yeedi robot vacuum has two cameras that aid in knowing where it’s going. There is a top camera that aids in navigation and noting the whole floor map. That is the one responsible for recording and saving the map on the yeedi app. 

The second camera is on the side. It has a 3D imaging algorithm to help it sense objects and move away accordingly. That is how it acts in time to avoid hitting every clutter on your house floor. Regarding avoiding obstacles, the Vac 2 Pro is a pro, as the name suggests. 

It also has ultrasonic sensors that aid in carpet detection. If you are tired of a robot vacuum dragging a wet mop on the carpet, it will not happen with this yeedi model. It’s the best vacuum cleaner for carpets since it will not climb there while mopping. 

When vacuuming only, it cranks up the suction power to about 3000Pa when it gets to the carpets. 

Control with Smartphone 

Controlling any robot cleaner with the app is the best experience. However, you need to know how the app works since variations and challenges depend on the brand. 

The yeedi app is the best companion to help you control the robot without having to move. You can start cleaning via the app or use voice commands. It’s also on the app where you can select the cleaning mode and determine the water levels. 

Using the timetable and map, you can also schedule when and where to clean. The map allows you to create virtual boundaries around the no-go zones. In case the robot gets stuck or has a problem finding its way back to the station, the app alerts you. 

The yeedi vac max 

As we said, they look similar, but the yeedi Vac Max has distinctive features. It’s also lacking some of the specifications that the Vac 2 Pro has. It will, however, suit homes without much clutter but still have some dirt to deal with on the floor. 

The Setup and Configuration

Setting up is quite the same since you will need to charge it a bit after arrival as you download and launch the application. You can decide to start it while on the app, although it’s recommendable to start by pressing the power button on the yeedi vacuum cleaner. 

It also works with Google Assistant and the Amazon Echo. The Wi-Fi frequency recommendation is still at 2.4 GHz, and the robot vac needs to be connected to start working. 

You need to let it clean for the first time to give you the map on the app. That is what will allow you to schedule the cleaning better as expected. 

Features at a Glance

The Navigation 

The yeedi Vac Max also has the visual SLAM technology, just like in the Vac 2 Pro. What we don’t witness here is the oscillating mop. The Vac Max just drags the mop as it cleans up, so you can expect imperfection. 

It uses technology to scan the floor as it moves. At the end of the first cleaning, you will get an editable map on your app that will help you gain more control in the next cleaning. It has castor wheels and two side brushes to aid movement and dirt collection.

There are three cleaning modes to choose from here too. Random allows the robot to move in straight lines until it completes the whole floor. There is also the edge for the floor edges, and spot cleaning is for the hard-to-clean zones. 

The Vac Max model also works with the yeedi’s self-empty station. You will not have to depend on the 450ml internal dustbin if you purchase it. You can empty the giant 2.5-liter dust bag from the station after 30 days. 

Avoiding Obstacles 

This yeedi vacuum model vacuums and mops, so expect that it has a few features that help it maneuver accordingly. The visual SLAM helps in mapping and sensors that help it avoid bumping into that furniture every time. 

It, however, does a lousy job at avoiding obstacles since there is no 3D camera with the associated algorithm. So, it will detect the furniture but will not prevent riding over the sock you left on the floor. 

You have to eliminate such clutter, including any cables and other pieces of cloth. Otherwise, you will get stuck alerts every time, which may not be helpful if you are far away and left the robot cleaning up. 

There is, however, ultrasonic technology that helps in carpet detection. If the yeedi robot is vacuuming only, it will crank up the suction power to maximum when attending to the carpets. 

Control with a Smartphone 

The yeedi app gives you more control over the robot, and it’s easier to operate from that end. After installing and configuring with your Google Home or Amazon Echo devices, you can start the robot via the app. 

The app also receives the map after the first scan. That is what will enable you to schedule the areas that require cleaning. You can designate rooms to be cleaned on particular days and draw boundaries around the no-go zones. 

Other specifications include selecting the cleaning mode that tells the robot how to clean. That’s where you choose between random, spot, and edge. Depending on your floor type, you can also regulate the water flow while mopping. 

The app will alert you if the robot is stuck or having trouble locating the base station. 

yeedi vac 2 pro vs. yeedi vac max: Direct Comparison 

Did you see so many similarities between the two yeedi vacs that you can’t spot a difference? Here is the direct comparison of the two starting with the similarities before we get to the differences. 

The Similarities 

  • They both have the visual SLAM technology for navigation 
  • They use the yeedi app and are compatible with Google and Alexa voice assistants
  • They have the same cleaning modes, i.e., spot, edge, and random 
  • You can use both of them to vacuum and mop 
  • Both are compatible with the self-empty station 
  • The presence of ultrasonic technology is detectable in both 
  • They both have varying suction power and controllable water discharge levels 

The Differences 

  • The yeedi Vac 2 Pro has a 3D imaging algorithm that helps detect obstacles on the floor. The feature is absent in yeedi Vac Max. 
  • Vac 2 Pro model has an oscillating mop. So, it mops better than the yeedi Vac Max. 
  • The yeedi Vac 2 Pro has more varying suction power that starts at 200Pa and goes up to 3000Pa. The yeedi Vac Max begins at 600Pa while the maximum is 3000Pa. 
  • The Vac 2 Pro has a slightly longer battery life (220 minutes) than the Vac Max (200 minutes).
  • Vac 2 Pro takes longer to charge (6.5 hours) than Vac Max (6 hours). 

The Buying Guide

You now know what to expect when you find the yeedi Vac 2 Pro and the yeedi Vac Max. To clear the confusion during purchase, you need a buying guide. Before you decide which one you should settle for, use the following points to help make decisions. 

  • Your floor type and layout: Do you have tiles, hardwood, or other materials used for floor layering? Your floor type determines how the robot vac will deal with dirt. Also, consider if you have carpets on the floor. The good thing with both yeedi vacs is that they can detect the floor type and carpets. You can also change the water levels while mopping. 
  • What you need the robot to do: Where do you want the robot to clean? Both models can work on floor and carpeted areas without a problem. If there is less clutter, you can go for the yeedi Vac Max. For those with more things on the floor, the Vac 2 Pro will work better since it has a 3D camera. 
  • The type of dirt: If you want the robots to clear the dust, they will do it. So, there is no problem settling with the yeedi Vac Max. If you, however, need to deal with dust, spills, and pet hair, the Vac 2 Pro will do a better job, thanks to the oscillating mop. 
  • Your budget: The yeedi Vac 2 Pro will cost about $360 to acquire it. The presence of a moving mopping pad and 3D imagery makes it pricey. If you are on a tight budget, that is where the yeedi Vac Max comes to the rescue. It’s $100 less than the prior.

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