8 Tips for Using a Vacuum Cleaner Safely

8 Tips for Using a Vacuum Cleaner Safely

Most individuals are confident in their ability to use a vacuum cleaner. Unfortunately, there are unstated laws to be followed. Using a vacuum cleaner carefully to avoid accidents and ensure good cleaning is essential. 

A robot vacuum is an electrical device that requires specific management that you should note. Check out the following key vacuum cleaner recommendations to make cleaning safe and straightforward.

Mop a Wet Surface with a Robot Cleaner

The best-case scenario to use a robot vacuum is on dry surfaces. As part of vacuum cleaner safety measures, they cannot clean water spills or wet surfaces unless there is a mopping module. 

The yeedi vacuum cleaners have a mopping function to attend to the spills. So, the wetness on your floor can meet the mop, which means safe cleaning. Since the robot vacuum cleaner can handle the wet aspect, there is no electrocution to worry you as you clean.

Pets and Children Can Play but at Safe Distances

Your pets and children aren't even aware of the first vacuuming tip. Some older children are familiar with the vacuum function, but they would not know how to vacuum if given the opportunity. Children and pets are inherently curious, but if you look at a yeedi robot, it solves that by having scratch-resistant surfaces. 

As a result, if you leave the vacuum cleaner cleaning, they will sneak up and start messing with it, but the robot will keep roaming until it’s done. The best care measure is to warn your children not to lift the robot as it cleans. Allow them to play away from the robot and let it clean up. 

Keep the cleaner away from children, and never leave it unattended since they might tamper with the dustbin compartment or the mop if they figure out how to detach them. That means the charging station should be somewhere safe. 

The pets may not do much since the robot cleaner surface is scratch-resistant. It’s, however, a good idea to keep watching to ensure that the yeedi cleans as it should after setting up everything on the application.

Keep the Wires and Clothes Away from the Floor

The best part about using a robotic vacuum cleaner is the cordless feature. So, you don’t need to worry about the cord length like in the wired vacuum cleaners. Tripping over a cord is one of the most common injuries when using a vacuum cleaner. 

When you have a yeedi sweeper, you need to worry about the cables and clothes lying on the floor. Ensure they are out of the way by placing them somewhere safe. The robot may be entangled as it mops, and that’s when you get an alert to free the robot. It’s also a good idea to ensure that no sharp objects are lying on the floor.

Wear Slippers When Vacuuming and Gloves when Attending to the Robot 

As the robot cleaner moves around, wear the slippers as you move around and ensure that they are clean. That way, you will not be distributing more dirt to the cleaned areas. When you accidentally knock the robot cleaner as it’s moving, there will be no harm on your toes. 

When the robot finishes cleaning, you need to check the dustbin and mop compartments for emptying and cleaning. Gloves are necessary here when tampering with the dirt. You can also consider wearing a mask when emptying and cleaning the dust compartment. 

If you get the yeedi vac station with a self-empty mechanism, that may be unnecessary until about 30 days are over. Why? Because the vac station will empty and clean the dust compartment. The yeedi mopping station will also attend to the robot mop after cleaning. 

That means tampering with the dirt less often.  

Pick up the Sharp and Large Objects Yourself

This is one of the most crucial vacuum cleaning safety guidelines for maintaining the machine's integrity and functionality. Contrary to this caution, numerous people have been involved in terrible mechanical mishaps.

As the yeedi robot mops, ensure no metal or sharp objects are lying on the floor. So, wear the slippers as instructed in the above step and proceed to pick them up before the robot approaches. 

Sharp and metal objects may damage the brush picking the dirt or pierce the dust compartment due to the thrust caused by the suction power. That will bring some repair costs, and the worst case is having to buy another robot vacuum cleaner.

Before using the vacuum cleaner, ensure that you read the instructions and understand the best ways to use it. 

Keep Flammable Materials Away

A vacuum cleaner is power-consuming electric equipment. Experts advise keeping your vacuum cleaner away from flammable or combustible items while in use, as with any electric equipment.

Do not vacuum particles or anything that might catch fire if they come into touch with electricity. Most vacuum cleaners highlight this on their safety precautions to prevent injuries and limit their responsibility.

Check your surroundings for flammable materials that might start a fire before vacuuming.

Regularly Empty the Dustbin and Clean the Vacuum Mops

The yeedi vacuum and mop robots have the dust and the mopping modules. According to vacuum cleaner professionals, you should not empty the dustbin until it is nearly full. You should, however, clean the mopper after every cleaning session. 

A completely loaded dustbin compartment will reduce the cleaning performance of the vacuum cleaner. Unfortunately, it may also blast dusty air back into your surroundings. So, it’s a good idea to keep an eye on the dust and mop compartments before and after every cleaning schedule.


If you still don't know how to operate a robot vacuum cleaner at this point, consult the instructions for further vacuum cleaner suggestions. Your and the vacuum cleaner's safety is of the utmost importance. 

The safety of others around you is also crucial, so keep as few people as possible when vacuuming. A high-quality vacuum, such as the yeedi vac max, will provide you with all the features you want in a vacuum while also providing outstanding and effective cleaning.

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