10 Tips to Clean Your Home Before Winterfell

10 Tips to Clean Your Home Before Winterfell

Although spring cleaning receives the most attention, fall cleaning is just as vital. Before you settle down for the winter, take out the robot vacuum cleaner, make a home maintenance checklist, and follow all of the top household cleaning suggestions. Whether you hire a professional cleaner or follow all of the household cleaning advice yourself, your home must be in good shape before the winter arrives.

These are the most crucial autumn cleaning recommendations to remember as you do your fall cleaning.

How to Clean Your Home As You Prepare for the Winter 

Clean Your Windows

During the long winter months, you may find yourself spending more time inside than you'd like. Your exclusive access to the outside world may be through your windows, given how chilly and nasty the air is. That's why it's critical to clean the windows before the end of the season.

Make sure both the interior and exterior of your windows are clean. To give the entire window a fresh, clean appearance, dust your blinds and curtains as well. If you want to make a statement, wipe the window sills and consider painting the frames. Rinse the screens well to remove cobwebs and grime. That’s how you make the windows a favorite spot to gaze through as you watch the snowfall.

Carpets and Floors That are Free of Stains

With everyone home throughout the winter months, carpets and floors will get a lot of use, so why not give them a deep clean to prepare them ready? Prepare your mop and go deeper than you would on a regular weekly clean, taking care to reach those hard-to-reach areas beneath tables and appliances.

Vacuum every square inch of your rug or carpet in your home. If necessary, reposition furniture to ensure that no area is left undisturbed. Consider investing in a yeedi vacuum and mop robot to make your life easier and successfully reach every part of your home if wires and bulky vacuums make this task a hassle.

You can use the wired vacuums on the walls and other high areas. 

Clean Your Doors

When it comes to cleaning the house, we often disregard the doors. That’s the portion where most interaction happens. We always pass through a door when moving from one room to another. You may not be aware of whether your doors are clean or unclean, but once you've brightened them up, you'll feel a lot better about the cleanliness of your home.

Don't forget about the outside of the entrance door. You want to make an excellent first impression because this is the first portion of your home that most guests will notice. It simply takes a minute to clean the surface, and it will dramatically improve the appearance of your home's outside.

Have Your Chimney Vacuumed

Cleaning out your chimney should be part of your home maintenance checklist if you use your fireplace or have a wood burner. When you've burned two or three cords of wood since your previous cleaning, you should have your chimney swept. 

It's advisable to be safe and have the job done if you can't remember when you last swept the chimney or how much wood you've burned.

Unswept chimneys fill with flammable ash and creosote, putting you at risk of a chimney fire. It's advisable to hire specialists since they'll have the brushes and vacuums needed to clean the chimney and keep soot off your carpets and furniture.

Cleaning the Gutters

A list of home cleaning ideas would be incomplete without noting the importance of maintaining the home's immediate outer environment. Gutter cleaning is more than just a cosmetic concern. It's also necessary to keep your gutters in good working order to safeguard your roof. 

Water will build up inside your gutters if there are leaves and debris. They harm the roofline over time, and if the water freezes in the winter, your gutters may crack. You can clean your gutters yourself if you have a ladder and are comfortable working at heights. If not, there are professionals out there who can gladly do it for you.

Organize Your Garden

You may associate yard clean-up with the spring, but if you complete the essential work in the fall, it will make your life much easier in March and April. If you neglect your yard in the fall, you'll find it in a much worse form in the spring. 

All of those dead leaves will have decayed, making clearing them nearly impossible. Your gardens will be overrun with weeds that have died, frozen, then thawed, resulting in a dreadful mess. If you want to prevent these issues, you should do everything you can to get your yard in shape before the holidays.

Rake leaves from your lawn and gardens throughout the autumn to keep them clear. Do as much weeding as you can now so that the greens are ready to sow in the spring. Bring any outdoor furniture inside and store it, so it doesn't get destroyed throughout the winter. These straightforward actions will keep the state of your yard from getting out of hand.

Dust, Dust, and More Dust

In the spring, pollen is abundant, and the summer's in-and-out bustle tends to bring dirt into your home. By the beginning of the fall, these two things will have combined to leave you with some very dusty surfaces. You'll be stuck with these bothersome particles for the entire winter if you don't do something about it.

Take advantage of the moderate weather in early October and dust every surface in your home. Allow the dust to escape by opening your doors and windows. With a broom handle, beat blankets and cushions. 

Every picture frame, ornamental plate, and trinket should be dusted. Put on your detective hat and consider any areas that have remained undisturbed. There will be dust falling on the floor, and that’s where you need an automatic floor vacuum such as yeedi cleaning up for you. 

You can feel comfortable that you've completed your dusting responsibility once you've finished with the entire house.

Organize Your Pantry

It's pointless to hunker down for the winter with a pantry full of rotten or expired food. Old potatoes or opened food packets have a habit of finding their way to the back of a shelf, where they will eventually stink or attract unpleasant pests.

Remove everything from your pantry and place it on the counter. Then go over each item one by one. Examine the expiration dates and smell the perishable foods. Everything ready to eat is returned to the pantry in an orderly manner. The rest should be recycled, composted, or thrown away.

Clean and text the Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Detectors

Attending to the detectors is more than just an item on a list of home cleaning recommendations; it's also a necessary step for your family's safety. Detectors that are dirty or dusty may not work as well as spotless ones. You also don't want to rely on a malfunctioning sensor or has run out of batteries.

First and foremost, dust and wipe all of your smoke detectors. Then double-check that they're in working order. Replace any dead batteries and any defective sensors. Carry out the same method with your home's carbon monoxide detectors. It is by far the most significant of all the household cleaning advice because it directly affects your family's safety.

Invest in Professional Cleaning Service for Your Home

Even if you are hardworking and motivated to clean your house thoroughly, you lack the tools and experience of a professional cleaner. If you want to give your home a thorough cleaning, you should hire a professional to do it for you.

You may think you know what a clean house looks like, but after professional cleaning service is completed, you'll be surrounded by a level of cleanliness you'd never imagined. Every surface will be immaculate, and the entire house will exude a revitalizing freshness. Giving your home a deep clean like this might transform it into the ideal winter hideaway.

Final Word 

Fall is an excellent time to spruce up your home. There is a slew of projects that need to be completed before the winter. The cleaning ideas for autumn are a fantastic place to start. Every surface in your home should be dusted or washed, from doors and windows to furniture and decorations. 

The gutters and the yard outside all require cleaning. The same applies to your floor and carpet, of course, and you can utilize a yeedi vac station for help. Remember to check your chimney, as well as your smoke and carbon monoxide alarms, to ensure your family's safety. After you've completed all of this, you can relax and prepare for a winter of hibernation.

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